Our mission is to motivate, educate, train and guide you back to the vitality and energy you deserve.

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When you choose Gradual Fitness, you get access to a private and comfortable training studio - an atmosphere you can’t find at a major chain. The private 440 sq ft studio is complete with:

  • Floor/yoga mats
  • Free weights
  • Bands
  • Swiss balls
  • Kettle bells
  • Step platform
  • Lat pull down machine
  • Tread mill
  • Elliptical machine
  • Nordic track ski machine
  • Stationary bicycle
  • Cold water dispenser with cups
  • TV and sound system that lets you play your own music
  • Mirrors to allow you to see your form
  • Air circulating fan

Why choose Gradual Fitness?

  • A personal trainer that "walks the walk" with you, and is also your partner in health.
  • Programs that keep you motivated to make positive changes in your lifestyle.
  • Exercises tailored to your concerns and goals so you can dramatically transform how you feel and function safely.
  • Independently owned private facilities.


"I have enjoyed having Johan as my coach. He is considerate, knowledgeable and always working toward improving my fitness and overall health. Plus he is fun! Thanks Johan."

Lynn, Cambridge, Ontario

About Gradual Fitness

If you’re a mature individual looking for guided support to help you achieve your fitness goals, you’ve come to the right place. Gradual Fitness was created for people that feel uncomfortable, self-conscious or nervous in a large gym environment...

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