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Our Programs

Because I design each of my programs with the individual needs of my clients in mind, contents of the program vary per specific needs goals and abilities. However, all my programs are periodization-based, which involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period. Each exercise type is adjusted to ensure steady progress toward success.

All programs consist of 2 types of training

  • Resistance training which strengthens your muscles; using free weights, kettle bells, swill balls, bands and body weight.
  • Cardio training; using various cardio machines or specialized walking, jogging or running programs

Programs Specially Designed with women in mind

While most exercises will be the same as for men the approach is different as typically the reason women train is different from men. Often, women need to be convinced that they are physically capable of more than they think. Also they may not be in tune with their bodies, or are afraid they will “bulk up” through physical training. This isn’t what our programs are designed to do. Our programs will make you realize you can do more and put you back in touch with your body. You will be stronger, look better and feel better!

Programs Specially Designed with men in mind

Men’s bodies react differently to exercise than women and therefore programs are designed differently. Men’s muscles grow differently and faster than women’s; our programs take this into account by increasing the intensity faster.

How it Works

One of the largest reasons people delay starting a fitness plan is that they fear the unknowns. Don’t let this prevent you from finding a better quality of life! Here’s what will happen once you give me a call:

  • I’ll meet with you in person to assess your current fitness level.
  • I’ll spend time discussing your goals and why you want to achieve them. The “why” is very important.
  • I’ll create a personalized program that includes:
    • Warm up routine
    • Structured exercise routines for particular days
    • The number of repetitions and sets for each exercise
    • Descriptions of the exercises and how to perform them safely and effectively
    • Flexibility exercises
    • Rest periods
    • How to continuously improve
  • I’ll discuss potential obstacles to working through this plan.
  • In each session, I’ll provide you with hands on instruction and coaching. You choose if you’d like to use my private gym facilities, or have me come to your office or home.
  • You will be guided and monitored with every aspect of your fitness journey, from the progress of your exercises to the food you eat. There will be regular fitness assessments to ensure your success will continue.
  • Should you feel uncomfortable being alone with a trainer, you are welcome to bring a guest to come and support you.

Why choose Gradual Fitness?

  • A personal trainer that "walks the walk" with you, and is also your partner in health.
  • Programs that keep you motivated to make positive changes in your lifestyle.
  • Exercises tailored to your concerns and goals so you can dramatically transform how you feel and function safely.
  • Independently owned private facilities.


"I have enjoyed having Johan as my coach. He is considerate, knowledgeable and always working toward improving my fitness and overall health. Plus he is fun! Thanks Johan."

Lynn, Cambridge, Ontario

About Gradual Fitness

If you’re a mature individual looking for guided support to help you achieve your fitness goals, you’ve come to the right place. Gradual Fitness was created for people that feel uncomfortable, self-conscious or nervous in a large gym environment...

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